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January 30, 2018

"At Honorable Mention Publishing, we seek to inspire our readers to take action and accomplish their dreams. " - Tasha McCray


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Dr. Johni Cruse Craig
"Thank you Tasha McCray for the jewels and nuggets of wisdom you drop in this SHIFTER! I’m just getting started and as I read Principle 2...your quote raised off the pages with a magnification: “Never lose sight of your vision and value. What others choose not to see shouldn’t make you blind.”  This is one of those slow roller reads. Take a chunk, process, apply...repeat.
Great resource! Get your copy and see other great resources at link below."
A Must Read For The Business Owner Or For Life
"A book that is clear, concise, mindful, and helpful. It is a great read for anyone who is looking to go into business for themselves, already have a business, or looking to help themselves personally. It is a book I wish I had when I started my business. It would have saved me a lot of headache and heartache. Practical tips for the everyday person and in life. I cannot recommend this book enough. Thank you to the author for writing this."
Latrice Broughton
"I’m simply overwhelmed! I finished this book in to days!!!! I did not want to it down! I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 27 years and I still learnt I lot about myself and the way I conduct my business through reading this book! Tasha it really blessed me and I’m SUPER excited about this vision God has given you!"
Lashelle Robinson
Powerful Read
"Hey Tasha. I received my book today...first, let me tell you "Thank You"! The presentation was absolutely AMAZING!!! I really LOVE the personalized "Thank you card" and the little bookmark and key. I can definitely tell you put your heart and time in this piece of art. You should be proud! Looking forward to reading it!"
Reginald Wade
"It is a great tool and will truly benefit entrepreneural minded individuals and all individuals who are goal driven!!! Our team will be implementing them as part of our leadership training!!! Done with Excellence!!!"
Ebony Evaughn
"This planner is EVERYTHING! It was definitely designed with entrepreneurs in mind. I searched long and hard to find the perfect planner and this is by far the best planner I've seen! I love it and would recommend it to every entrepreneur."
Donya Zimmerman
"I'm glad I purchased The Visionary Entrepreneur Planner from Honorable Mention because it will help me reach my goals for 2018 in an organized way."
Kendra Shanai
"This journal is amazing! And their services was excellent! It shipped the next day after ordering. Great experience!"
Latrice Broughton
"I really love my planner! I'm very busy and it helps me stay focused on my daily goals!!! I'm looking forward to reaching all of my achievements with the help of my Visionary Entrepreneur Planner!!!"
Joshua Clair
"You won't ever be disappointed when you support Hornable Mention Publishing. You are guaranteed to enjoy your reading and will definitely walk away learning something new. Thank you"
David Branch
"Best purchase this year!! Awesome tool for anyone that needs to stay organized and focused on setting and completing goals. I love the inspirational quotes added to the top of the page!!!!"


"I look forward to sharing my work and becoming apart of your book collections. Thank you to everyone who has purchased from Honorable Mention Publishing." - Tasha McCray

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